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Introducing our CinPI™ program: connecting skilled physicians with clinical research sites.

Are you a physician seeking to embark or advance your career in clinical research? Look no further. Our CinPI™ program is designed just for you. Whether you prefer a part-time or full-time role, we have study opportunities waiting for you. 

Likewise, clinical research sites in need of dedicated and knowledgeable principal investigators will find our program valuable. We match highly trained and motivated physicians, specialized in various fields, to research sites in their local area. 

Join our CinPI™ program today and fulfill your professional aspirations in the world of clinical research!


click here to become a principal Investigator!
  • Stay at forefront of breakthrough medical, preventative wellness, and science
  • Autonomy to accept or decline work
  • Clinitiative will assist in training, if needed
  • Access to ClinPI’s vast network of sites in need of PIs
  • No other similar program on the market
  • No long-term commitment past individual study


click here to find a principal Investigator!
  • Access to a vast database of ready-to-work, qualified physicians
  • Sites will be eligible for more studies through ClinPI
  • Apply to more complex studies with specialized PIs
  • Can replace PIs mid-study in emergency situations
  • PIs are clinical research trained and ready to work
  • No long term commitment between sites and PIs

ClinPI™ Certification Program for Physicians

Our next class begins November 27, 2023

This carefully customized class provides physicians with clinical research training and ongoing support from 30+ years seasoned principal investigators. If you are interested in entering the world of clinical research and would learn from our experts, submit your application via the link below.

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The Role of a Principle Investigator

The role of the Principal Investigator (PI) is multifaceted, encompassing the crucial tasks of preparing, conducting, and completing research studies. At Clinitiative, we understand the significance of equipping PIs with the necessary skills and knowledge for success. That's why we offer comprehensive educational training, including ICH GCP training and our exclusive ClinPI™ training program. Our ClinPI™ program serves as a valuable resource for PIs, as they can gain a deeper understanding of the intricacies involved in managing trials, ensuring compliance with regulatory guidelines, and maintaining ethical standards throughout the research process.

While medical doctors (MDs) typically earn high salaries from their medical careers, undertaking the role of a clinical research principal investigator opens up additional opportunities for income. Although demanding, the ability to contribute to groundbreaking therapeutic advancements and positively impact patients' lives makes the endeavor truly worthwhile.

For larger-scale trials, PIs may collaborate with a co-principal investigator, often another experienced physician, to share responsibilities and successfully manage the study. Nonetheless, the Principal Investigator remains the key leader and coordinator of the research study, ensuring scientific rigor, ethical conduct, and ultimately, the successful completion of the project.

At Clinitiative, we are committed to empowering PIs to excel in their roles, guiding them towards achieving excellence in research and positively impacting the medical community. Join us in unlocking your potential as a Principal Investigator through our comprehensive ClinPI™ training program. Take the first step towards becoming a proficient and successful Principal Investigator with Clinitiative today.