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Taking the initiative to advance healthcare

Clinitiative’s mission is to advance clinical research by collaborating with principal investigators, Sponsors, and CROs as an extension of their teams to build lasting relationships and facilitate efficient medical progress.

Our Story

After 20+ years in clinical research— both working for clinical sites and global CROs— Clinitiative founder, Jason Palasota, observed that small to mid-sized clinical sites were often considered late or last in the planning of clinical trials. The apparent consequences were that CROs/sponsors missed out on finding best-fit research partners while small to mid-sized sites lost out on opportunities to offer better options to their patients. So, to bridge this gap, Clinitiative was born. With a deep understanding of the industry and a robust network of Principal Investigators, Global Clinical Research Organizations, and sponsors, Clinitiative is uniquely suited to facilitate stronger, more compatible relationships in the site selection process. In doing so, we advance site capabilities across the globe to offer better healthcare for the people who need it, especially their local and most of the time underserved communities.

Core Values


At Clinitiative, we seek to embody the mentality of eagerness and resourcefulness to act on behalf of our sites to win desired awards and achieve their clinical research goals. Our dedication to our sites, Sponsors, and CROs is evidenced by our drive to meet deadlines, provide outstanding trial management, and personal opportunities and communication. Just like our own story, Clinitiative is motivated to address gaps, create solutions, and trailblaze site/Sponsor connections to achieve the common goal of furthering scientific advancements.


We desire to maintain a model of work ethic and productivity that goes above and beyond the expectations set by our clients and partners, demonstrating a level of quality that is inherent to the Clinitiative mindset. The Clinitiative Team is devoted to upholding high standards and principles that are displayed in every aspect of our work, communication, and output.


We understand and respect the pressing nature of clinical research to secure sites and initiate new trials. As a result, we are committed to ensuring that we remain accessible and sensitive to trial timelines and site needs. As we represent your team to Sponsors and CROs, we want to act with the same enthusiasm, zeal, and diligence that would be present if you were pursuing the opportunities yourself.


At Clinitiative, we prioritize openness and sincerity in our communication, actions, and intentions with our site, Sponsor, and CRO relationships. We want all members of our network to be sure that we will do everything we say when we say it. We stress the quality of follow-through on tasks, assignments, and requests from our clients and partners.


Clinitiative is part of your team. Our aim is to work alongside your team to support your interests and accomplish your personal objectives. We believe in embracing challenges, practicing the art of grit, and persisting despite difficulty.

OUR VISION: To remain an exemplary partner in clinical research around the world to see 25,000+ clinical trials managed in our pipeline, 5,000+ principal investigators secure exceptional opportunities, and 1 billion+ patients receive necessary medical care through research participation.

Clinitiative Event Highlights

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